Insurance Claims Process

We understand that dealing with your insurance company is new and uncomfortable to 99% of most of our clients.   Battle Red Construction will assist you through the entire process, explain your options, discuss your concerns, complete a professional installation top-notch roofing system, and will restore your home.

What to Expect

Call us for a FREE no-obligation roof inspection

Call Battle Red Construction out to your property to discuss whether there is or is not storm damage to your property. The appointment will take approximately 30 minutes and you will be emailed a detailed photo report of the inspection.

File a claim with your Insurance Company

If you have damage, call the Claims Call Center of your insurance company and inform them that you’ve had your home inspected by a reputable contractor and that you would like to file a claim for storm damage to your property. Your representative with battle Red Construction will instruct you on what type of damage you have and also what a likely storm date you should inform your insurance company should relate the damage to the new claim.

Set an appointment with your Adjuster

Once you have submitted a claim, an adjuster should contact you within 24-48 hours to schedule an appointment. We suggest setting an appointment 4 to 5 days out so that we can be at the appointment with your adjuster. Texas insurance laws state that a contractor cannot represent you in your insurance claim. However, we can meet with your insurance adjuster to scope the damages and insure that all damaged items are addressed at the time of inspection.

Reviewing your insurance paperwork

After your insurance adjuster has inspected the property, you should receive paperwork outlining the damaged items within one to two weeks. Once you receive this paperwork, contact your Battle Red Construction representative and we will review all documents to insure that all items have been paid for correctly. If not, we can go over your options to insure you receive the correct “Fair Market Value” pricing you deserve from your insurance company.

Contract Signing and Material Selection

Once your total claim value is settled, we will meet with you to sign a contract for the work to be completed and to make your color/material selections.
The contracted price will be equal to the amount of money allowed by the insurance company and never greater than that amount.

The work begins!

Most likely your roof will begin first. Followed by the gutters, windows, and any interior damage to the property. All damages will hopefully be completed within a week!

Payment and your Depreciation Check

Once the installation is complete, your ACV (first check) and deductible amount are due. We will send a completion invoice to your insurance company to release your recoverable depreciation and any supplements.

Final Payment

Once you have received your recoverable depreciation check and any supplemental amounts, contact us to schedule a time to collect your final payment. Once paid in full, your file will be sent to warranty processing.  You should receive your warranty documents within 2-3 weeks via US Mail.